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FREE Montana MVD Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2019 | MT

The Montana written knowledge test will have 33 multiple-choice questions based on the 2019 Montana Driver’s Manual; you’ll need to answer at least 27 of the questions with correct answers to pass the exam and be eligible for a license. If you’re under 16 and applying for your learner license, you’ll need to show you’ve enrolled or completed a driver’s training course. To take your written exam or driving test, you’ll want to be an appointment with the MVD testing center in your area. At your appointment, you’ll also be required to take a standard vision test, pay a $5 license fee, show parental consent, and provide proof of your social security number, residence, and identity. Your learner license will be valid for 12 months while you practice your driving skills. An important part of your knowledge test for Montana will be on road signs. This MVD practice test will focus on identifying and understanding road signage, which you can find in chapter three of the manual. Road signage will encompass regulatory signs, informative signs, traffic lights, curb markings, and railroad crossings.

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