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FREE Montana CDL General Knowledge Test 2018 | MT

Montana is a beautiful place to live and drive, but it can also have unforgiving weather and roads, depending on the season, though in turn, those roads may reward you with amazing views. These paradoxes make “Big Sky Country” a mecca for commercial drivers like you, who get Montana’s exports to the rest of the country and help start their journey to the rest of the world. Today, you’ll become a safer driver, as you test your knowledge and prepare for your CDL written exam by taking a 50 multiple-choice question practice test based on information from the Montana Commercial Driver License Manual. The practice test covers everything from driving in the treacherous weather that Montana’s winter drivers are familiar with, to backing techniques for commercial vehicles, to drunk driving laws for CDL holders. Practice as often as you need, until you feel you’ll achieve the score you want on the real test, and pay close attention to each question’s explanation, which has information that may help you in the future. Good luck with your CDL test, and drive safely!

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